Paleta Joola Rosskopf GX75

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Mese Tenis Interior
Mese Tenis Exterior
Mese Tenis Competitie
Palete tenis de masa
Paleta Sponeta ProShot
Paleta Joola Drive
Paleta Joola Match
Paleta Joola Champ
Set Palete Joola DUO
Paleta Joola Rosskopf Action
Paleta Joola Rosskopf Attack
Paleta Joola Master
Paleta Joola Premium
Paleta Cornilleau EXCEL 3000 Carbon
Paleta Cornilleau Nexeo X90
Set Husa masa tenis + Palete + Mingi
Set Palete Cornilleau DUO
Paleta Cornilleau Sport 100
Paleta Cornilleau X70
Paleta Cornilleau Excel 2000 Carbon ******
Set Cornilleau Baby Ping
Paleta Cornilleau Perform 800 *****
Paleta Cornilleau Perform 600 ****
Paleta Cornilleau Sport 300 **
Paleta Cornilleau Sport 400 ***
Paleta Corniileau Excel 1000 ******
Set Donic Waldner 400
Paleta Donic Waldner 500
Paleta Donic Waldner 400
Paleta Donic Waldner 600
Paleta Donic Waldner 800
Paleta Donic Waldner 900
Paleta Donic Waldner 700
Paleta Joola Carbon Pro
Paleta Joola Profi
Paleta Joola Winner
Paleta Joola Rosskopf GX75
Paleta Joola Rosskopf Smash
Set Joola Royal -Spirit
Paleta Cornilleau Sport 200
Paleta Donic Young Champs 300
Paleta Joola Beat
Set 10 palete Cornilleau Champion
Paleta Joola Top
Paleta Donic Young Champs 200
Paleta Donic Young Champs 150
Set palete Joola School
Set palete Joola Family
Paleta Joola Team Junior
Paleta Joola Cobra
Paleta Joola Phython
Paleta Joola School
Paleta Joola Rosskopf Autograph
Set Palete Cornilleau Tacteo DUO
Paleta Cornilleau Tacteo 50
Paleta Sponeta Hotdrive
Paleta Joola Mega Carbon
Paleta Joola Spider
Set Joola Rossi
Set Joola Taifun
Set palete Joola Triple
Set Joola Mistral
Paleta Joola Rosskopf Classic
Paleta Cornilleau Champion
Paleta Cornilleau Nexeo X200 Graphite
Set palete Joola Pro Drive
Set Paleta Cornilleau Solo+husa paleta
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Paleta Joola Rosskopf GX75  


Setul contine o paleta si 2 mingi
Handle flared
Lemn 5-straturi
Speed 85
Control 85
Spin 90
Technology Information Ergo Grip : New generation grip, rounded, ergonomic, immediately adapts to the hand. Selected plywood : High quality, specially glued veneers for the best feeling and speed. Power-grip system: Special sponge in the grip absorbs oscilliations and vibrations. PULS system: Special middle veneers for larger sweet spot, more ball feeling and control.
Technology ERGO Grip
Technology Selected plywood
Technology Power-grip system
Technology PULS





Pret Vechi: 139 RON ( TVA inclus )
Pret Nou: 99 RON ( TVA inclus )
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